Secrets To Finding Cheaper Fares

         Finding the cheapest fare can be difficult and confusing if you don't know                     where to look. No need to worry. A wide variety of factors go into determining the price of a trip. There are millions of fares out there that change many times per day. Most are designed to create traffic on planes/hotels/cruises/cars that have empty seats.  The important thing to note is that most high fares are geared towards the business traveler's habits.  Since the business traveler pays much more than leisure travelers,the trick is to avoid business traveler habits, (last minute, short trip, peak time, etc)  Read through these helpful hints and airline pricing rules; they'll help you plan and, most importantly, keep your travel budget down. None of these are guaranteed,but years of experience have gone into assembling these rules of thumb


Last-minute fares are expensive. Give yourself some planning time, and the airline some notice, by buying your ticket well ahead of your travel dates. Most reasonable trans-continental domestic fares require at least a 14-day advance purchase. Some low fares in other domestic markets require a 3- to 7-day advance purchase. International fares can be tricky,but most specials require 21 to 30 days advance.


Start your vacation on a Tuesday Who says you have to start your vacation on a Friday or Saturday? Many people are taking advantage of one of the best kept travel secrets:        During off-peak seasons,many airlines offer cheaper fares if you depart on a Tuesday or Wednesday. While everyone else is flying on more expensive weekend-day tickets, the weekday travelers are saving money and cruising right through the check-in line. The difference may not be huge, but you can use the money to splurge during the weekend.


One of the most used lines in the air travel business is "for this fare you have to stay at least a Saturday night." You often find the cheaper fares require staying over a Saturday night because of all those business travelers who want to be home before the weekend starts. Take advantage of this! Remember,as someone once said, "If you don't stay a Saturday night, you haven't stayed."


Be the first one. Some airlines love to open up new markets and offer introductory fares       to get the traffic flowing. As soon as new cities are added to an airline's flight list, you can bet you'll see ads about it. Usually, introductory domestic fares range from $128 to $178 round trip. You can't beat that for a quick getaway


. It's almost always the same price, or more, to fly one-way as it is to go round-trip. So, if you're thinking about flying somewhere, consider coming back and saving some money.Keep in mind that the fares returned from flight Availability are based on the information and criteria you provide.